What an experience applying Indian Visa

I need to travel to India at the end of November this year to train up our new colleagues in the Chennai new office, so I have started applying the Indian Visa online through their offical website IndiaVisaOnline. After trying several times, I finally got through the final stage, however, I would like to share my extreme experience in the last couple of weeks.

1. I crashed their website at least 5-6 times on the same page, and each time took them around 5 minutes to be back and running again. Based on my test, I believe entering a website without “http://” prefix could crash it. I am really thinking about to test it again..

2. I had to squeeze in phone numbers and addresses into the same field that has 80 character limit, which forced me to truncate random characters to make them fit and at the same time it became totally unrecognisable address. So what’s the point here??

3. The passport and business card need to be uploaded in PDF format, well, fair enough, but why 300K limit? I had to keep shrinking the size in PNG format, convert and then repeat the loop, until I can barely see the text on my passport!! THIS ISN’T 1980s folks!!! GO TO OFFICEWORKS AND BUY A HARD DRIVE!!!

4. Now, after several hours of trying, I finally got to the last step. And what a surprise in the success message, with every piece of information missing on the confirmation page. I am wondering, should I call them to confirm if I made through or not?

Use my manager’s word, “A monkey with no arms could code better than whatever el-cheapo graduate they fished out of the fail pond to write this website”!!

I am sure that there are other guys out there have the same experience as mine, has anyone complained to the officials?

Dad’s Visa Rejected Again by Immigration Officer

I submitted my dad’s Australian tourist visa late last month and we have been patiently waiting for any reply from the officer in Sydney during last month. If you have not seen the amount of documents that I have submitted, here it is:

Isn’t it ridiculous consider that it is only for a simple short stay tourist visa?

What made me mad + crazy was that we got the refusal letter today from the officer who was processing our application. We got the first refusal letter when we applied from China through the Embassy in GuangZhou, then I decided to apply within Australia for a sponsored tourist visa, which means I am willing to pay the BLOODY $15,000 security bond for the period of my dad’s stay. But they still fucking refuse it again.

The reason made by the officer was simply that there was not enough evidence showing that my dad has incentive to leave Australia after the visit. Given the amount of documents I submitted, it is fucking ridiculous. I have supplied every single piece of possible documents that I can think of to support our application, but all I did was bloody useless.

I will have to talk to lawyers and fire a review tribunal as early as possible. If my dad’s visa can’t be granted before 1st of October, all time and money will be wasted because my mum is leaving Australia in mid October and there isn’t much point to have them separated again.

Why is it sooo fucking hard to get a simple tourist visa when your true intention is TRUELY for holiday and visit family members???

Mum Finally Got Her Visa

After long wait of a simple visa application for my mum’s visit to help us take care of the baby for the next three months, her finally got her visa. This visa has been delayed by more than a month.

The officer who processed our visa application simply ignored the fact that my son was expected to be born on 10th of July, and my mum’s visit is very important to new parents who have no experience of taking care of new born baby.

Anyway, she’s got the visa now and she will arrive in Melbourne on this Saturday at 11AM, and I can back to work without much to worry what’s happening at home.

Countries With The Number Of Free Visas To Other Countries

The following is the list of countries with the number of free visas they can have to other countries, I think it is a good thing to know. Enjoy.

Released on 2006-12-20 10:44:00 at CHSI – International Education Channel

  1. Finland 130
  1. Denmark 130
  1. United States 130
  2. Ireland 129
  2. Sweden 129
  2. Germany 129
  3. United Kingdom 128
  3. Italy 128
  3. France 128
  3. Japan 128
  4. Spain 127
  4. Norway 127
  4. Switzerland 127
  4. Belgium 127
  5. Netherlands 126
  6. Luxembourg 125
  6. Austria 125
  6. Canada 125
  6. New Zealand 125
  7. Portugal 123
  8. Singapore 122
  9. Malaysia 120
  9. Iceland 120
  9. Greece 120
  9. Australia 120
  10. Liechtenstein 116
  11. Korea, Republic of 115
  13. Hong Kong 110
  14. Chile 109
  18. Israel 104
  19. Hungary 101
  19. Argentina 101
  20. Brazil 99
  21. Mexico 98
  28. Croatia 84
  34. Romania 73
  37. South Africa 65
  40. St. Kitts & Nevis 62
  46. Dominica 52
  46. Turkey 52
  55. Taiwan 42
  62. United Arab Emirates 35
  62. Russian Federation 35
  64. Serbia and Montenegro 32
  65. Saudi Arabia 31
  67. Thailand 29
  71. India 25
  71. Bosnia and Herzegowina 25
  72. Egypt 24
  75. Jordan 21
  78. China 18
  78. Korea, Dem People’s Republic 18
  79. Pakistan 17
  81. Iraq 15
  82. Iran 14
  83. Afghanistan 12