Adding Tooltip to Truncated Datagrid in Flex

Simply set the itemRenderer to mx.controls.Label, as a Label already has truncate and tooltip functionality. And the tooltip will only show when text got truncated. <mx:DataGridColumn paddingLeft="5" headerRenderer="renderers.ToolTipGridHeaderRenderer" id="nameCol" itemRenderer="mx.controls.Label" minWidth="110" headerText="Page URL" dataField="name" sortable="false"/>

Cloning Objects In Flex

When cloning objects in PHP you simply do: $newObject = clone $oldObject; You can do the same thing in Flex: import mx.utils.ObjectUtil; var newObject:Object = ObjectUtil.clone(oldObject); However, this function is only designed to clone data objects. Meaning only objects that holds pure data. It will not work for objects like …