Weekly Goal – Cycling 200KM By Friday

I have lots of friends who do close, or more than 200KMs of cycling each week. I have been riding to working for more than 1 year now, but only limited to one way each day of 22KMs, so averaging to around 100KMs/week.

I would like to push myself a bit harder this week. So I have setup a goal in RunKeeper to ride at least 200KM by this Friday, which means I will simply need to cycle both ways to and from work each day.

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 9.56.35 AM

I have also check the weather and it turned out it will be sunny until next week, so it is a good week to choose.

Cycling To Work – One Year Anniversary

I bought my bike on the Xmas day in 2011, and started my first ride on my first day back to work after New Year (2nd of Jan, 2012), it is exactly one year up until today.

I posted some photos I took on my way to work on my Chinese blog early last year to “show off” the views I get while cycling to and from work.

I have kept my words to myself by cycling to and from work at least once a day (if weather permits), and my performance has improved a lot. I spent just over 1 hour and 5 minutes for the 22KM journey on the first day to just below 50 minutes exactly 1 year later:



And in total, I have cycled more than 2500KM (missing data from Jan to Feb, 2012, because I did not own a smartphone yet).


I am very happy with the result, even though I did not lose much weight during the whole year (there isn’t much I can lose now ^_^).

I will continue with the hard work, and possibly doing 2 way trip in a day more often, rather than just 1 way trip to or from work.

If anyone wants to add and compete with me, feel free to add me in the runkeeper under username: asianeric.


Cycling Over 1600KMs, Expecting To Reach 2000KMs By End of Year

Since March I used iPhone to track my cycling activity (data missing between Jan and Feb due to no smartphone on hand), I have reached over 1600KMs according to RunKeeper. It is a really impressive number just by looking at it. I have dropped my weight from nearly 80KGs to current 66KGs, I am so proud of myself, ^_^.

I am going back to China to see families next month, and I am sure they will be surprised when they see me, to compare with when I went back last time 2 years ago.

There are still a couple of months before the end of the year (taking away 1 month I am going overseas) and I have set a goal for myself so that I can reach 2000KMs by the end of the year.

There aren’t many friends who are cycling to work, so I have no one else to compare with at the moment, which is quite boring. If anyone is also doing this, please add me to your friend list.