RockMelt New Features

RockMelt has just release a new version which includes:

1. Quiet Mode

RockMelt Quiet Mode

2. Localized search

RockMelt Localized Search

3. Based on Chromium 11

4. 42 bug fixes

I particularly like the “quiet mode” as it allows me to ignore updates when I am busy working with projects at work and don’t want to be interrupted.

Nice work RockMelt!

Dislike The New Chrome Icon

Today I have noticed that a new Chrome 2D icon appears on my Dock

I have seen the news on mashable last month, and I had already said that I don’t quite like it.

Now I have to say that I totally dislike it after the update. It just looks so weird. What choice do I have now?

Maybe time will change my opinion in the future.

Hitachi Trains Back On Track

I can’t believe Connex is actually getting those Hitachi carriages back on the track. It is evil!!


For those of you travelling on public transport should know that the Hitachi train is hot ( and extremely hot in summer ), dirty, noisy and smelly. It is an awful experience to travel on Hitachi train, especially in summer. Now Connex is trying to add extra services to reduce the crowd during peak time by adding those old trains back on track.( The Age ). Adding trains is good, but adding Hitachi trains is evil!!


Metlink CEO, Bernie Carolan, said in 2006 “Melbourne has long been regarded as a world-class city and all world-class cities need first-class public transport systems”. From all my experience on travelling on public transport in Melbourne, I think it is still a dream of Melburnians. The train network in Melbourne is well known by its frequent cancellation, delays, and over crowded commuters on board, plus the “world-class-brake-problem” Siemens trains as well as ugly, smelly, noisy and dirty old Hitachi trains. It is still far away from the real world class public transport system. Compare the number of population in Australia with China and India, I can’t imagine what the public transport would look like if the population reaches the same as in China or India.

Adding extra train services is good only if the previous problems are resolved. If Connex can’t fix the cancellation and delay problems first, by adding extra train services will only add salt to the wounds. The constant delay services plus even more frequent train services would mean that trains will not be able to move and will end up with more cancellations. I think the first thing Connex should do is to reduce the number of cancellations and delays before introducing more services.

I don’t know when I would happy with the service provided by Melbourne’s public transport system.

Google bought part of Maxthon

Founded by the very young and brilliant Jeff Chen in 2003 in China (under MyIE name), Maxthon became very quickly popular in Asia and all over the world. The big difference with other browsers is that Maxthon is based on IE code which makes the software very familiar from the beginning but with a few twists. Although I personally don’t like any browsers which are based on IE, it becomes very popular in China and has over 80 million downloads and half of them are in China.


There are quite a few sources have confirmed that the Maxthon Browser has sold a minority stake to Google. The total investment size is rumored to be around $1 million. Maxthon-originated searches may account for up to 25% of total Baidu traffic, which is one of the largest search engines in China, according to one source.

This appears to be a marketing strategy designed to expand Google’s reach into China where it has not made a large market share into seearch marketplace. This move will have a great impact on China’s largest search engine Baidu.