Remove “Block Configuration” Option in Account Page in Drupal 6

In Drupal 6, it shows the “Block Configuration” for Navigation by default for all user accounts. It is useless and confusing for most of the users in our case.

Without knowing what it is, it would be hard to turn it off in the backend. It is as simple as two steps required in the backend.


Firstly go to “Administor” >> “Site Building” >> “Blocks”, and then click on “configure” button next to the “Navigation” block:


Then click on “Users cannot control whether or not they see this block”, and save the settings.


Now the annoying block configuration is gone:


Hope it helps..

Disable Drupal Comment Preview Button

Drupal 6 only allows you to set the comment preview button be either “Required” or “Optional”, but does not allow you to turn it off totally. But you can turn it off easily by updating your theme’s CSS file.

To hide the preview button, add the following to your theme’s CSS:

#comment-form #edit-preview {
    display: none;

Hope this helps..

WordPress vs Joomla 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]

I have tried both WordPress & Joomla before when I was trying to learn the new CMSes several years ago. My very first impression was that WordPress was so easy to pick up straightaway without getting too much detail, however, Joomla was totally the opposite. It was really hard to understand and it took lots of steps to get one page setup.

A few years has passed and I am stick with WordPress. It works great and meets all my needs, so I have not re-tried with Joomla since then. Red Giant Design has kindly produced an infographic compare those two CMSes in detail. And again, it proved my original theory / experience.

WordPress v Joomla - Infographic by Red Giant Design

I have also tried Drupal recently and found that it is quite easy to use and learn. And I am currently building a website for my friend using Drupal. From my personal point of view, WordPress is great for personal blog, while Drupal & Joomla are designed mainly for building business / commercial website using CMS tools.

I hope they (Red Giant Design) can produce another infographic detail the differences between the three would be awesome.

Keep up the good work!


Drupal Error “The selected file /tmp/******* could not be uploaded”

Have you ever encountered the following error in Drupal:

“The selected file /tmp/filesisAcp could not be uploaded, because the destination is not properly configured.”

I got this error after setting up Google Map on the contact us page to display office locations. This is caused by “file” directory permission issue in my Drupal installation directory.

To verify the error, go to Administer >; Site Configuration >; File System:

Drupal will complain that the directory “sites/default/files” is not writable. Simply log into the web server and chmod the directory from Drupal root directory:

chmod 777 sites/default/files

This should resolve the error we saw before.

Allow Drupal 6 User Menu Always Visible

I have been playing with Drupal 6 for a while now (have to stick with 6 because the template my client bought only supports Drupal 6, not 7) to build a simple accounting website. So far so good in terms of all the functionalities that are required.

However, after talking to my client last weekend, he requested that all the menus should be available to all users (even for¬†anonymous¬†users to see member only menus), so that people can see what they miss without registering with the site. If they attempt to access those menus, they will get “access denied” message and be prompted to register. Fair enough, sounds like a very simple request, however, after googling, people kept complaining about this feature in Drupal for quite a few years and the Drupal team does not seem to care about this feature/bug.

Fortunately, there is one guy did the hard work through sandbox project. It is experimental, so might not be stable, but after installing and playing around with it, I don’t find any issues at all. In fact, it works perfectly and it is exactly what I am looking for.

You will see this new options when creating/editing menus:

Once saved, the menu will show on your site regardless of user’s role/permission.

This saved me a lot of time and I have to say “Thank You” to the developer of this Drupal module.