I am sick of Connex’s performance, because I am always experiencing late trains from my day to day work.

I am now working on St Kilda Road, I normally catch trains from Hughesdale station, change trains at Caulfield for expression service from Caulfield to South Yarra, and then change train again from South Yarra to Prahran, and the finally catch No. 6 Tram to my office. Guess what, I meet later trains nearly everyday.

8:06 AM train from Hughesdale never on time, well 2-3 mins late is OK. When I change at Caulfield for the express train, the train is always either late, or running like a slow ass, like this morning, it was late for about 6 mins. OK, now I am at South Yarra at 8:30 (6 mins late), I was angry because the schedule service to Prahran should be at South Yarra at 8:28 AM, which means that I should have missed my train. I looked at the screen, WHAT?? It still displayed 8:28, but in 8 mins. What the hell? For Sandringham line, South Yarra is the second station from Flinders Street, and it is already 8 mins late. (by the way, I had experienced 6, 5, 4 mins late before, and quite often). I finally got on the train, when train started moving towards Prahran station, the announcement said “Next station is South Yarra, passengers for the ……., please change trains at South Yarra”. HELL, HELL, HELL, next station is Prahran, not god damn South Yarra. What is going on with Connex system, late trains + wrong announcement.

I am too sick to go to work every morning now, similar things happen after work as well. SICK, SICK, SICK!!!!!

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