WordPress vs Joomla 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]

essay editing help I have tried both WordPress & Joomla before when I was trying to learn the new CMSes several years ago. My very first impression was that WordPress was so easy to pick up straightaway without getting too much detail, however, Joomla was totally the opposite. It was really hard to understand and it took lots of steps to get one page setup.

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A few years has passed and I am stick with WordPress. It works great and meets all my needs, so I have not re-tried with Joomla since then. Red Giant Design has kindly produced an infographic compare those two CMSes in detail. And again, it proved my original theory / experience.


page WordPress v Joomla - Infographic by Red Giant Design


best homework help app I have also tried Drupal recently and found that it is quite easy to use and learn. And I am currently building a website for my friend using Drupal. From my personal point of view, WordPress is great for personal blog, while Drupal & Joomla are designed mainly for building business / commercial website using CMS tools.

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get link I hope they (Red Giant Design) can produce another infographic detail the differences between the three would be awesome.

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click here Keep up the good work!



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Server Is Up & Running Again

http://gpsemirates.com/need-help-writing-a-speech/ Last weekend I was trying to upgrade my server from Ubuntu Jaunty to Karmic Koala. I followed a tutorial found on Google and the installation actually went quite smoothly. In the last step the installation process told me the upgrade was completed and asked me to reboot the server. However, I waited minutes, hours and eventually days after the reboot, but the server never came back online. This server host all of my blogs as well as my subversion server for the project I am currently working on that was migrated from BitBucket.org.

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http://labestetic.pl/search-dissertations-online/ I fired support ticket to my host provider and they spent around 2-3 days and eventually told me that there was some package installed by mistake during the upgrade and they could not recover my server. The only option I had was to re-install the whole OS and start from scratch.


Oh dear, what a shame. Luckily I have backed up all my blog database, images and project files. All I need to do was to spend sometime to re-install latest Ubuntu server again and reloaded all my blogs and subversion server.

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a sample of an argumentative essay In the last few days I have been setting my “new” server up and now is back online with newest up-to-date Ubuntu server and re-loaded WordPress with my blog database. Subversion is up and running again as well.

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follow site From now on, I really need to keep my server up-to-date as often as possible. The real issue from last week was that I could not simply upgrade the server to latest version because the version running on my server was too old and not supported anymore. The tutorial showed me a way to force the upgrade and turned out to be a disaster.


http://www.3pgroup.it/?purchase-college-research-paper purchase college research paper Well, lesson learnt and it is time to move on. I will need to do more to on the “new” server to schedule regular backups, especially my blogs and the subversion server.


URL Rewrite Using Lighttpd

creative writing exercises high school You will need to enable the mod-rewrite in Lighttpd and then open up the file under /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf

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go site $HTTP["host"] =~ "www.asianeric.com" { url.rewrite-final = ( # Exclude some directories from rewriting "^/(wp-admin|wp-includes|wp-content)/(.*)" => "$0", # Exclude .php files at root from rewriting "^/(.*.php)" => "$0", # Handle permalinks and feeds "^/(.*)$" => "/index.php/$1" ) }

source This configuration should work well with WordPress installation using permalinks.