How to Disable the Facebook Friend Finder Suggestion

I have been REALLY annoyed by Facebook when it keeps suggesting me the strangers that I do not know on daily basis, including Facebook site and especially on my mobile phone. I am really getting pissed off and about to uninstall Facebook if I can’t find a solution to this. Lots of people saying there is no way of doing it as it is built in by Facebook and there is no settings to control it.

2016-08-22 12.40.49

Today, I found this article How to Disable the Facebook Friend Finder Suggestion, and I thought to give it a try. This article suggests that those friends suggestions were made based on your imported contact list, so I followed the steps and took the following screenshots.

Step 1:

Navigate to your Facebook page and find the “PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW” section, click on “See All” link:

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 10

Step 2:

Click “Manage imported contacts.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 10.23.46 PM

Step 3:

Click “Remove all contacts,” and then click “Remove.” A status message appears, advising that a confirmation notice will be sent to you.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 10.24.05 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 10.24.13 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 10.24.34 PM

Step 4:

Currently I am still waiting for confirmation regarding this action, 30 minutes passed and my contacts still in my list.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

Download File in AWS S3 Bucket in Browser

The file path in S3 will always has the following format:


Now, ff you are given a link to a file inside of s3 in the following format:


You should be able to convert it to the following url:

So, you can now easily convert s3 protocol to http protocol, which allows you to download using your favourite browser, or simply use wget command to download file from S3 bucket.


Hadoop Administrator – Cloudera Certified

I had some drama yesterday when I was trying to setup my laptop for Cloudera’s Hadoop Administrator Exam with Innovative Exams ( I was unable to share my screen inside Chrome with the examiner. I spent about 20 minutes trying different ways and finally it worked, but I had no idea what the problem was and how I fixed, it just happened.

Anyway, the exam went smoothly afterwards and it took 90 minutes. I had taken the practical exams lots of times before this and I have to say that there are lots more trickier questions in the actual exam than the practical one. And some of the questions, although not many, that you can not find in the course note, meaning you will have to do lots of practical work with Hadoop by hand to know the answer.

I got the score back straightaway after the exam, and guess what, the result was PASS. I will get the actual certification confirmation in about 2 business days. Oh Yeah!


Now next one is the Developer certification. Cloudera is in the process of changing the exam structure for the Developer course, and there will be some practical questions, meaning you will have to actually write some code, rather than pure single/multiple choice questions.

Wish us luck!!

Booked in Cloudera’s Hadoop Administrator Certification Exam

I booked in the certification exam for Cloudera’s Hadoop Administrator to be done this Tuesday morning at 10AM. Cloudera recently changed the way the exam is conducted. Students used to need to go to a specific exam centre and sit inside a classroom for the test, but now it is all done online through a partner called Innovative Exams.


The way it works is to install a chrome extension from Innovative Exams, and allow them to watch you, both your face and desktop monitors remotely, via web cam and the chrome extension. They will catch you if you try to cheat. It is very convenience since you don’t have to physically go to another place for the test, but it does feel a bit odd when someone is watching all your movements for the whole one and half hours.

Anyway, I have studied hard and now ready for the exam. Wow, the very first exam since I graduated from Uni almost 10 years ago. Fingers crossed.

Customer Support Engineer @ Cloudera

After staying at home to help my wife take care of kids and new born baby for more than 2 months, I finally started my new role at Cloudera as a Customer Operations Engineer.

Here is some information about Cloudera:

Cloudera is the leader in next generation data management. In addition, Cloudera is the leading innovator in and largest contributor to the open source Apache Hadoop® ecosystem. The company’s enterprise data hub (EDH) software platform empowers organizations to store, process and analyze all enterprise data, of whatever type, in any volume — creating remarkable cost-efficiencies as well as enabling business transformation.

Quick Facts

Year Founded 2008
Founders (previous affiliation): Mike Olson (Oracle)
Amr Awadallah (Yahoo!)
Jeff Hammerbacher (Facebook)
Christophe Bisciglia (Google)
Headquarters Palo Alto, CA
Business Model Hybrid Open Source Software
Subscription Software Enterprise Customers Approximately 5251
Revenue Mix Subscription Software (65% – 70%)
Professional Services (15% – 25%)
Training (10% – 15%)
Support 24×7, global
Partner Ecosystem 1,4001
Employees 7801
Global Operations 19 countries1
Funding to Date $670 million (primary capital)

During my first week, I have been spending most of my time reading and learning all the required knowledge, including Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Sqoop, ZooKeeper, Impala, HCatalog, Avro, Parquet, Sentry & Oozie.

As you can see, there are a hell lot of study I have to do and also Cloudera will be sending me over to the US for further training for about 3-4 weeks. And there will be 3 certificate exams that I have to sit on and pass in order for me to continue working here at Cloudera. So there is some pressure here to push my study.

So far I have enjoyed all those learnings and I hope I can become a Hadoop expert in no time.

Looking forward to start taking new cases in the next 2-3 months.